Cyber Crime & Forensic Reporting

Cyber Crime & Forensic Reporting


The crime scenario is rapidly changing around the globe. The latest technologies are used by the criminals to commit crimes smartly and remotely, which is affecting every common man in the society. A common man is encountered at every walk of life. Thus, there is a need to produce skilled human resources to encounter the increasing challenges by the criminals.. Forensic Science is a multi-disciplinary science, which involves applications of science and technology to the legal (criminal and civil) matters.

As you all know that India is the second largest democracy of the world so the crime in India taking place every day as compare to crime the legal and justice system is totally haphazard, resulting unable to provide proper and speedy justice, lakhs of people facing unusual delays in justice delivering, according to a report nearly 30 million cases are pending in Indian courts it means a common man is badly affected.

Keeping in mind NACHRCOI took initiative and trying to bridge gap and integrated with new technology to reduce crime graph so no more injustice lead to one more crime.

ABOUT Cyber Crime & Forensic Reporting

Cyber Crime Investigation is the science of collecting, analyzing and investigation of digital evidence and cyber trails.

This digital evidence may be found in computer hard disks, cell phones, iPods, pen drives, digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, computer networks, the Internet etc. Digital evidence can be hidden in pictures (steganography), encrypted files, password protected files, deleted files, formatted hard disks, deleted emails, chat transcripts etc.

Digital evidence can relate to Child Abuse or Exploitation, Computer Intrusion or hacking, Counterfeiting, Credit Card Fraud, Death Investigation, Defamation, Denial of Service, Domestic Violence, Threats, and Extortion, Emailscams, Gambling, IdentityTheft, Money Laundering, Music Piracy, Narcotics, Online sale o fillegal articles, Online share trading fraud, Organized crime, Phishing, Pornography, Prostitution, Social networking sites related cases, Software Piracy, Source code theft, Tax evasion, Telecommunication, Fraud, Terrorism, Theft of confidential information, Threats, Extortion, Harassment, Stalking, Virus attacks, Web defacement, etc.

Forensic science plays an integral role in the criminal justice system. The different States Government and Central Government have developed Forensic Science Labs in India including Central Forensic Laboratories (CFSL), Government Examiner of Questioned Documents (GEQD) State Forensic Science Labs (SFSL) and Regional Forensic Labs (RFSL), but these Govt. Labs are mainly serving for Government Agencies, Courts and Police System, so private agencies and individuals faces many difficulties during investigation process as Individuals cannot approach the forensic science labs for their private, personal or criminal matters, unless they approach to the police in criminal cases and to courts in civil cases matter.

Today, more than 30 million cases are still pending for court trial, consequently, the courts are becoming overloaded, in these cases “NACHRCOI” is best alternative solution for everyone.